“I don’t want some Mickey Mouse ruining my breakfast!”

Harris & Jack during our second trip to Aruba, January 2005

These were the words my then four-year old son Harris uttered when I asked him if he wanted to visit Disney World. Now, if you knew my son, you wouldn’t be surprised since he has possessed strong opinions since birth. Evidently, a meal with costumed characters was not on his bucket-list. So, we nixed any plans to visit the Orlando shrine to all things Disney, and booked a trip to Aruba. Harris spent the week chasing green lizards at the Hyatt Regency Aruba, snorkeling in crystal-clear blue waters off of Palm Beach, and leading his parents on a wild-goose chase around the streets and plazas of Oranjestad. And, thus began what would become a family travel tradition.

We have taken our sons, Harris and Jack, to 38 countries and 25 states (my tally is 47 countries). Their travel experiences have broadened their minds, increased their vocabulary, sharpened their geography skills, and expanded their palate. And, it has given us priceless memories of quality time spent with our children. Travel doesn’t necessarily have to involve a passport; it could be a drive just a few miles from your own backyard. But, no matter where you go, travel should be enriching, educational, and most importantly fun.

This blog is inspired by my professional life. I previously worked in Marketing and Public Relations for the NY Marriott Marquis; I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Management from the State University of Binghamton, and an A.A.S. degree in Travel & Tourism Management from The City University of New York; and I am presently a Travel Consultant at Herricks Travel, American Express.

Hubbard Glacier

A sunny view of Hubbard Glacier, Alaska, 2013

Skagway, Alaska

The four of us embarking on a helicopter ride
Skagway, Alaska July 2013

This blog is where I share my travel experiences here and abroad, and present useful and concrete travel information and tips. Whether crossing an international border, or hopping across a county or state line, there are endless opportunities to introduce your family to new customs, new ideas, new foods, and new people and become a unique family traveler.

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Mollie Mandell

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I am proud to announce my recent certification as a “South Africa Travel Specialist”:



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  1. Are you planning to visit Greece too? Is an exciting place with thousands of beauties, especially the Cycladic islands!!! Do add it in your next travelling plans.


  2. Have been to Greece several times and love it! And, hope to be back soon. Have heard about the Cyclades and would love to explore them. Thanks for your readership!


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